World-Class Fitness, Neighbourhood Vibe.

As part of opening GYMBOX in 2015, Brenda Ouellet wanted to create a sense of family for everyone who joined the gym. At GYMBOX, it has never been about nurturing a member base, but rather growing a family. It’s through this mentality that we’ve been able to build such a positive feel at the gym, as well as retain such a great set of staff and trainers.

We Live to be Fit

GYMBOX was started because we simply got tired of big-box gyms. We wanted to bring the variety that large gym’s offer, and translate it into a smaller, more intimate community. We offer classes in everything from boxing to barre, TRX to boot camp. These offerings have created a diverse, inclusive community that is very motivational and family-oriented. Incredible Trainers. Supportive Community.

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Energize Your Workouts

GYMBOX is all about reenergizing your fitness routine, literally. With pulsing music, amazing energy, and motivational trainers pushing you above and beyond your limits. GYMBOX takes your “I don’t have the energy to work out today” attitude, and turn it into “I wish I could do two classes a-day, but I’m too sore to go back again today” attitude.

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The GYMBOX Mentality

Our inclusive community and studio caters to people of all ages & abilities. In fact, customers have deemed our workout space “the box”, because it offers such a variety of different workout equipment and workout spaces for people seeking very specific workouts. Remember, at GYMBOX friends don’t let friends slack during their workouts.

Meet Our Trainers

The GYMBOX Difference.

At GYMBOX, we’ve managed to create an atmosphere wherein energy constantly pulsates and everyone enjoys their own personalized workout. As part of the GYMBOX family, you’ll enjoy all of this in our great variety of high-energy classes, personal training sessions, or just on your own.

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